Waleleka School

Our core values are

Our non-discriminatory foundational teaching and day-care services of benefit to vibrant Parklands, Musamba, Freedom and nearby communities, are anchored on these fundamental institutional and individual principles:

  • Support progressive development by learners and staff alike: of a perceptive spiritual persona, ideal African family mores, personal civility, a sense of public responsibility and value of team-work; care for the environment, respect for fellow humans and other life forms all based on Christian tenets;
  • Pursue wholesome intellectual, physical, creative and emotional well-being of learners and staff alike by providing stimulating and safe spaces for instruction, arts and cultural expression and interaction;
  • Implant as institutional custom resolute determination to always seek to attain beyond conventional norms and an ethos of fair competition while affirming every effort at self-improvement; celebrate all learner and staff individual and team accomplishment attained on grounds of sheer exertion, deserving merit and integrity;
  • Commit to efficient co-management with the PTA offering oversight, counsel and perspective, to accountably utilise available regularly audited school resources at achieving applicable academic and complementary extracurricular distinction for learners, and appropriate professional competence and motivation of staff;
  • Harmonise immediate and prospective institutional undertakings to learner and staff aspirations ensconced in cultural and prevailing socio- economic realities in order to sustainably contribute to attaining inspirational mutually comprehensive advancement for varying integral individual, institutional and community partners.

What makes us unique

  • Having only been established in January 2011, we have grown from 02 to 260 pre-school and primary learners presently with a dedicated eager teaching team of 11 staff; this affords us a superior teacher-pupil class- ratio vis-a-vis the recommended standard for both private and public school education average of 15-20 learners per teacher;
  • We own-operate a punctual shuttle-bus to-fro school for ease of transportation of pupils, run a balanced nutritional in-school feeding programme and offer learners an adjacent secure recreational play-area for supervised sports and outdoor interaction;
  • Our (Zambian) Ministry of General Education approved curriculum- based class instructions incorporate regular use of life-like child-friendly and appropriately colour-coded visualteaching aids for graphical illustration and demonstration, not rote memorisation;
  • Resolved to prepare learners set profound life-goals beyond any singlesitting of term-ending or leaving examinations, aptness of our class sessions is gaugedby way of regular in-school career fairs, off-campus educational and field tours and an inescapable open-day facilitating instructive school and family interface for vital parental feedback;
  • This practical approach is purposely employed to foster perchancefor critical thinking to cultivate analytical solution-seeking skills in learners, each so essential to nurturing proficiency in mathematics, science, IT/ICTs, and the creative arts and culture whose variety in designed synthesis enthuse communities, bolster emergent social and entrepreneurial economies, and rouse boundless new knowledge horizons in the eternally unravelling human adventure we call Life.

Where we are going

  • In an evolving fast innovating increasingly interconnected knowledge- based Globalised world – one ever more focused on collaborative creativity driven by in-demand (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) STEM-centred career paths– education as a product, a service as well as a societal-tool will predictably remain the only equalising social variable between individuals and indeed within and between disparate communities;
  • To stay relevant and meaningfully contribute to jointly build a shared secure future with the right skills-set and common human values given the exigency of society in constant flux, Waleleka is steadfast at laying a foundation in the young-and-able;and by transparently re-investing incrementally in institutional operations garner expert educational human capacity and all but state-of-the-art facilities for a cutting edge approach to pre and primary school teaching and learning, the bedrock for future ingenious artisans and adept creators;
  • A passionate adequately resourced specialist educational team devoted to Waleleka's core values, will serve to continually inspire and guide young learners prioritise developing critical thinking and analytical solution-seeking skills, and thrive in areas of mathematics, science, IT/ICTs;attach importance to and embracing of learners’ cultural inclinationsand artistic impulses for imaginative expression and inventive creativity in the performing and visual, literary and graphical, animation and video media;
  • In addition to valued partnership of supportive parents and a receptive surrounding community, Waleleka will also seek and nurture synergetic institutional collaboration in an expanding network of constructive associations locally and from far-afield for beneficial optimum resource mobilisation, as conscious strategies by which to underwrite our beckoning optimistic future.

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